Wednesday, June 17, 2009


essay : She has a topping hit-chart from her latest video. The other has a new movie being repetitively promoted, and the last one? She has a new scandal from her drunken-rebel pictures. These made them to be pervasive. This is popularity. It is indeed two-pronged: Negative or positive, only one could be considered popular if the word 'fever' is tagged along one's name. Stars are made in pure packaging with talents made them to be versatile artists. The careful media strategy that was done to Britney, Lindsay, and Miley were the frequency of their existence and the media accessibility. The more frequent their talents are shown, the more they become popular. The more people attest to their testimonies for their fascination, the more they influence other people to like it too.

On the other hand, it came to no wonder why Angelina Jolie was crowned as the role model celebrity to which I agree. Her adoption of children shows that she is using the gift of fame and fortune into a return of something good. Although involved in a drug issue by which she was dragged along because of attachment to Brad Pitt, Jolie still gains reputation because of her humanitarian qualities. But only we could judge on the turf of the television. We really do not know her real intentions, whether for popularity or showbiz sustainability.

It is indeed dependent upon people's sensationalism, whether positive or negative, whether by one's issues or by values, affects celebrities' roster to be famous.

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