Monday, July 6, 2009

1. ) In what ways will Obama presidency affect the world?

As the first black President of the United States of America, Obama was warmly welcomed by the whole world with utmost respect and with high hopes that somehow he can be a catalyst of change. During his presidential campaign, he was tagged as the "underdog" mainly because not in the wildest dream can a Black American be this close to the Presidential seat. His views are radical yet foreseeable; he wanted change for the whole world and believes that by maximizing the resources and generating more work would result on a stronger economy. He works on the economic plans day by day revising and refurbishing to meet the demands of America being one of the powerful and influential country nowadays. Obama, also introduced peace on those countries where they had previously initiated war and would immediately start the recovery program of each country which could benefit the whole world in the future. For Obama's vision is to have a harmonious and conducive place to live in for our family and the generations to come, with no threats of war, but only nations helping and building for a better society.

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