Sunday, August 2, 2009


The presidency of Obama was greeted by warm-welcome across virtually all nations across the world - the world was glued to there television sets , watching with excitement some with tears of joy -being the first black President to be elected in a predominately white nation amazed many in the world and silenced those that thought the fight against racism had not yielded much fruit. This was day of Reckoning- day of harvest to many that witnessed it with their naked eyes

America has come a long way in the fight against racism , starting with the early nineteenth century slavery to now , through the sixties and early seventies when the campaigns against racism reached it's pic point with the like of King Martin Lurther , Malcolm X , and many other civil rights activist across the world -not to forget the likes of Nelson Mandela who spent most of his life in prison .

Many in the world have seen the Presidency of Obama, as a sign of new hope especially in the relationship between America and the rest of the world .

Africa especially Kenya where Obama 's Father originates from , have viewed this as probably the very best gift they has received from the American people , though some in Kenya more so from the western part - Obama senior's birth place take obama junior has one of their own natives .

It must be noted that though the world has high expectations of Obama he can not solve all the world problems yes he will make his contribution and yes he has made us turn a new leaf in history

(2)Financial Crisis in First's Effect on third world .
When the first world coughs , the third world gets a sneeze. The world has become one world village, we are seeing the advance of globalization at an abating level . With advent of the internet what happens in one part of the world is relayed to the other end withing a micro second .

Many of the sectors of economy in the third world relies heavily on western nations or the First world = tourism being top of the list . Tourism is considered by many in the first world as a luxury and when the economy is down the first causality is tourism - people cut short or completely do away with foreign travels .And no tourist no foreign revenue
Aid - more so the ones by governments will have to be cut short many first world could hide under the disguise of wanting accountability and transparency in return.

The effects of financial crisis in the first world on the third world are very alive and kicking

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