Monday, November 9, 2009

1. "I Want to be Like Miley Cyrus": Seeing the World through a Hollywood Looking-Glass 2. Angelina Jolie's Way

essay : "I Want to be Like Miley Cyrus": Seeing the World through a Hollywood Looking-Glass

Every individual has a burning desire to be accepted by the society in which she/he belongs but not everyone gets that privilege. It is in this perspective that most young adults delve into. As a result, they tend to emulate those pop/fashion/movie icons that have been overly promoted by the media, who in turn are capitalizing in on their increasing hold on these young adults. As a matter of fact, the age line is becoming blurred by the minute. Even adults are becoming susceptible to the advertisements and promotions of these Hollywood celebrities that they have become hooked on becoming updated on the lives of these "special" personalities, rather than focusing on their own lives.

The rise of the technological/digital age has a lot to do with this fascination with Hollywood celebrities. People now have access to so many information through due to multiple sources of information---TV, radio, magazines, and of course, the World Wide Web. These allow easy manipulation of the people by the media for one reason: TO SELL. At the end of the day, HOLLYWOOD is an industry and has only one primary purpose, and that is to earn money.

Connect the desire of so many individuals and the desire to SELL by the "SHOWBIZ" industry and we have millions of teenagers biting into the cake. They look upon stars such as Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and Miley Cyrus as a way for them to see themselves in a way that makes them more like Hollywood celebrities themselves. Emulating these celebrities makes people feel as important as the stars, dressing and acting the same way as they do and hopefully get as much attention from various people.

History has always had a certain political personality that people look up to at a certain era. In today's time, showbiz personalities get as much, if not more, attention and praise/criticism as politicians. The driving force behind such is that there will always be a hierarchy of things in which some are born/made to be leaders, while some were born/made to be followers. The same goes for show business, where fame is so powerful, it can make people do things beyond the ordinary an dmake it seem normal, just for the sake of acceptance into a society that ironically, never ceases to reject them, by projecting absurd standards of beauty and perfection.

2. Angelina Jolie's Way

In a world where perfection and beauty is idolized to a T, Angelina Jolie is one of those celebrities who have reached the status of "near perfection" to the eyes of many people. The Lara Croft, Brad Pitt's love interest and mother of his kids, Angelina Jolie is a dream woman for countless guys and an idol to millions of girls.

So how do I decide if she's a role model celebrity or not? I guess rationalizing with others would be futile for me, as there will be endless debates on this matter, so I have decide to rationalize with myself on this. First of all, she did not start perfect. She was not sugary, she was not sweet and far from innocent. But she never said she was, and that made it all logical. She was just a woman who had a free-spirited and beautiful mother, with a really famous actor for a father (Jon Voight).

The media ate her alive; she was always in the headlines for her relationships with older men---really older men---like Billy Bob Thornton, and for her very affectionate relationship with her brother, whom she says she's in love with. However, she had outstanding movies; award-winning ones and blockbuster hits---she was talented, gorgeous and very smart. So smart that she decided to take a turn in her life that would forever change her reputation as a Hollywood actress: she started giving back to the society. She started engaging herself in UN projects, and also personally making adopting children and giving them a better future. She has now made it a lifelong effort to continuously give back as much as she had received, or even more.

Despite what she was or still is, what should be looked upon is the fact that in comparison with other Hollywood and non-Hollywood celebrities, she has made one of the most impact when it comes to giving back to society and most importantly, influencing ordinary people to re-evaluate how they are living their lives---by showing them that we can all make a significant change if we try hard enough. So now, is A. Jolie a role model? Is it not obvious enough?

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