Sunday, November 1, 2009

Almost a year has past since the election and the US president Barack Obama is still working in progress with his health reform agenda and transformational leadership. Do you agree in the notion that the president's optimism is a hard reality?

We all know that everybody is affected by the global recession, with unemployment rate continuously dropping to 10 percent in the US. How about the undeveloped countries where majority of the people are jobless and dependent? People will now realize that they have to find ways to counteract the economic crisis. Everybody should see it as a challenge and not a hindrance.

Those on top can definitely affect the bottom. The USA is a powerful and progressive country and so globalization is an evidence of their influence to the world. Amidst of the crisis happening, the country remains a leader. Being the leader, the country should be able to fight the deadly crisis so that they will offer help to those poor countries who are always experiencing severe problems of malnutrition, illiteracy, calamities, unemployment and other financial problems like debts. If president Obama cannot uplift the US economy it can surely jeopardize the third world countries. Many people will lose their jobs, have their incomes cut or whose businesses fail.

President Obama is a democratic leader and so we have great expectations from him to hear the people's voices. We all hope for the betterment of all. We are still struggling to attain economic stability and we have faith that everything will be done and I hope it will not be too late to take an act of courage.

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