Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Books Period

Written by Enrico Emmanuel M. Mazo

The best christmas gift is, well, I don't think that I could answer it that well but because this is an exam and I really want the position, then I'll oblige myself with the task. To start, it is a rhetorical question and surely the answer will depend on the person in the situation. So I think it is better to answer the question in my own account, that is to say with my own inclinations and desires. Besides, it will be foolish to tell that John Doe wants 'that' or 'this' and I do believe that even you suffered the dilemma of picking gifts to others. As I was saying, I mean writing, I will be imparting what I think will be the best gift for me. Word of note. Me.

To start, I love books especially those science and fantasy types. It will be nice to have a copy of 'Catching Fire' or one of the books of "The Last Apprentice Series'. To make the story short, just give me books. A gift coupon in Powerbooks will be nice too. I hope Santa someone is reading this.

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