Monday, November 2, 2009

A Darker Reality for the 2010 Presidential Elections

Written by Jillian Therese D. Olazo

As a first time voter, it is not unusual to become anxious in exercising my right to suffrage. It is, after all, a right that did not come naturally to me as a woman. In this era of growing interconnectedness between states, I find myself surrounded with so many privileges that were not available to young women like myself decades ago. Being fully aware of all these benefits, I should be thankful and satisfied---but I am not. Philippine politics have become more distasteful than ever. Decades of bad tradition have made it seem so irreparable. All kinds of vices have become intertwined with Philippine politics. Politicians appear to have lost their sense of duty and responsibility towards those who put them in their respective seats and offices. All that is left to those citizens who voted for them are promises made to be broken.

With this in mind, I look toward the near future---the 2010 presidential elections---whoever wins the top spot will certainly shape how Philippine politics will turn out to be in the next four years.
I, a 20-year-old first time voter, deeply worried about the state of her country's political state, is still undecided on whom to vote for the presidential elections. Why? I would prefer to ask questions instead of answers. Who are the candidates and what have we got to choose from? What kind of positive impact/contribution have they produced prior to their running for presidency? Are they any different from those who ran a few years back? Why don't they have solid platforms on which to base their government upon their election? Why is it that all I can hear are motherhood statements and shallow speeches that seem to penetrate only the ignorant?

Until these questions are answered, six months seems a long way to go for a troubled voter like me. There still needs to be more time for reflection and careful scrutiny of those "presidentiables". A pardoned criminal/ex-president, a rags to riches man, an Obama-ish politician (CHANGE/"para maiba naman"), a son of a national hero, and a handful of senators---a plethora of choices, good and bad alike. Some running with blatant disregard for the Constitution, and some running with an obvious ignorance of the Constitution. The thought of all these makes me ever so afraid to vote. The idea of abstaining has now become a logical idea for many.

I am a student of politics but lately I have been finding myself losing faith and hope in politicians. The dark reality that circles Philippine politics today seems to become overpowered by an even darker reality that looms ahead. All the commotions with regards to the 2010 elections seems to be in sync with all the typhoons coming in and out of the country lately. Sort of like an omen. I just hope and pray that there is still hope for us Filipinos. Soon.

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