Thursday, November 5, 2009

Does Mother Earth have a Human Body?

Written by Josephine Lazaga

If Mother Earth has a soul, it has been humanized in the form of Senator Loren Legarda.
Senator Loren Legarda has always been an active advocate of environmental issues particularly on climate change. Recently, we have been doomed by natural calamities and I believe that we need a president who has the heart and willpower to promote awareness in taking good care of our environment.
Everyday, we hear and read about climate change but little we know about it despite of the voluminous materials being released both by government and non-government organizations. I think that our innocence about this big issue is because there is a certain level of insensitivity within ourselves of the long-term effects of whatever endeavors we are doing at present. Although we have been reminded of the things that we have to do in order to lessen the effects of climate change, we normally disregard them.
Now, since we have experienced catastrophic phenomena in the past few months, we also have to choose a leader who is not only against corruption, gambling, poverty and drugs but also an environmentalist who would take us to the complete consciousness to save our environment from destruction. For me, the only candidate that would pass this qualification is Senator Loren Legarda and I will vote for her she will run for presidency in the 2010 election.

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