Tuesday, November 10, 2009

An Extraordinary Feat

Written by Sherylyn A. Villamora

Christmas this year will be less burdensome for me, for I finally fulfilled what can be considered by others a normal feat. But to me, it is a different kind of success I must be proud of, because I did it with blood, sweat and compassion. Although I stumbled and deviated many times due to temptations and obstacles while charting the path to my true purpose, I am glad to say now that I will be giving the best gift in the world to my parents.

Being able to finish tertiary education made me realize how my parents did their part in providing me the assistance, guidance and training, to the point of compromising their own time and happiness to help me in my endeavors. I understand now the endless sermons and advice on not to tread dangerous and unknown grounds and the consequences I have to face because of being unreasonably bold and curious. They constantly reiterated that the decision-making really lies in me, whatever I do with my life is my responsibility. I may commit some heavy mistakes and suffer grave consequences, but only through these mistakes and shortcomings I will be able to comprehend the gravity of my parents' support in educating me about life and its twisted alleys.

In this world where a college degree carries weight, I can say that my parents equipped me with the best weapon to combat the challenges of everyday living. By finishing school, I have fulfilled my promise to them and have given justice the sacrifices they made. It is the best gift i can give them. But just like what Mark Twain said, I will not let my schooling interfere with my education. My parents' good words will still ring in my ears, and I will be more than willing to accommodate them.

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