Thursday, November 26, 2009

Factors Affecting Popularity

essay : The most popular icons are those celebrities or stars that are being patronize by those who are at adolescence. During adolescence a person tends to look for an icon that posses characteristics which is ideal for a young person that is still at an age of confusion. Youths are finding a way in which they can fit in the society, the tendency is to patronize an icon that is famous, beautiful and admired by the society. Most likely youth icons such as Milley cyrus, Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan certain characteristics that fits the needs of a adolescent for recognition. These are the most commonly known youth icons, they have things in common such as beauty (everyone has a need for recognition and acceptance to stand out among the others). Beautiful individuals are most likely in demand specially to the opposite sex. Another factor is being special, these icons are not just admired because of their physique, they became a star because they have a distinctive and outstanding talent. The talent that they have makes them in demand and admired, which is basically the factor why they are being patronize, youths have a drive to be recognize and rec comes to talented person, standing out among the rest of the crowd. But those are not just the factors why those stars attained a phenomenal kind of fame. One of the most affecting factors among youths is conformity, conforming with the likes, attitudes, and preference of peers are most likely why goods in the market has a very high demand. Celebrities can be treated as a commodity that are being patronize by young adults and teenagers, hence the most abundant in population are the youths, any commodity that will tickle the taste of these crowd will be rewarded be fame.
Hence teenagers and young adolescence are the prevailing factor in the society ,celebrities should have the responsibility to act properly. Once a person became famous or once he or she inter showbiz, they became public figures, most eyes stay foot on them. Wanting to know their every action. One of the most responsible actress or celebrities that should be patronize by young people is Angelina Jolie. She portrays many role. She maybe one of those sexy icons we can see in Hollywood, but she's also one of those concerned celebrity. She is environmentally and socially concern and aware with the suffering and burden of others. She maybe a high known star that can portray roles daringly but she Is also one of the well known advocate of the rights of children.

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