Saturday, November 7, 2009

fascination or addiction????

essay : When I read the question for my second and final exam I remember 2 parts of my life one is on my grade school days and the other is when I'm at high school.. I remember my friend in grade school… because she's so fascinated with Britney Spears when where in school… she even imitated her from the ponytail she wears up to the pencil she have as a props when she done her first MTV song… she collects all her CD's and clippings from a magazines… At first she's just fascinated because like what she said to us Britney Spears is so cute and so dazzling and fashionable. Then I remember my friends when in high school when I read the name Lindsay Lohan. Some of my friends and I admired her for her acting and well for her personality as well… I admit that my first picture at my Friendster account is Lindsay Lohan… So what??? Isn't that some people uses the pictures of artists as theirs??? We even watched her movies in the cinema even if it wasn't really beautiful like the wedding planner or angels & demons etc… I was fascinated by her but not in a sense that I'll by all her movie DVDs or by a magazine where she's featured. Now what's got to do with my title??? As I'm typing right now I'm thinking what is there common denominator? Aside from being in the Hollywood… It is given that they are both pretty and so popular but I guess they are popular as well in the rehabilitation center… Lindsay is involved with DUI while Britney got to the rehabilitation center because of her unexplainable behavior… I guess they are both fascinated by the world because of their personality and beauty and by their popularity, issues involved but hey they are great singers and I do admire them because of their voices but I guess they are as well addicted to go to the rehabilitation centers…

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