Friday, November 13, 2009

fascination or hallucination?

essay : Today, women is more than capable for doing almost anything. The women of today had place a mark on the world history. It can either be regarding politics, heroism, and many more. But the most common, is being an actress. What's fascinating about "Hollywood Women" is the way the influence people, especially the teenagers. They are the role model of these teenagers. It can be through the "Hollywood Women's" music, or through their acting, maybe the way they speak, or even the way they talk and walk.. Teenagers want to have the perfect lives like the "Hollywood Women" have. But I must say, youngsters are more influenced by the famous singers like Britney, Lady Gaga, Miley, and many more simply because of the way these singers express themselves. They "move and groove" to the beat of the music. They express themselves through their songs. Their songs relates to the emotions of the teenagers and they somehow creates a bond that bind the youngsters to the reality of life. Their songs brings life and uplift the spirit of teenagers. This generation has been known as the lost generation. Youngsters are too inclined to the fast-changing trends and technology that they've forgotten about the simplicity of life, the importance of every moment that shouldn't be taken for granted. And this music somehow brings them back to reality. That no matter how rich you are, people still gets hurt, we fall, we stumble, we cry. That's the reality of life and that's what teenagers should learn.

But songs are not the only thing that people fancy. Most of the time, it is what "Hollywood Women" do. The world is watching every action that our actress are doing. From the scandals that they're in, up to their tree planting activities. But what people are really craving for is the good things that these famous people do. We, regular human beings, of course, enjoy good news. And whenever we hear in the news that a famous person did something remarkably good. We actually feel good about it and we idolize them. For example, Angelina Jolie, a well-known actress. She is very famous and talented, known for being married to one of the hottest actor in Hollywood, undoubtedly rich and very beautiful indeed. But what really surprise us is her compassion to children. She is also known for adopting orphan and helpless children. She shares her riches and help these children. She has taken the fact that there are lots of children that needs our help and, she is making a huge difference. I believe that one person is enough to make a difference and if all of us is that one person, then our world would have been a better place. The world would have been safe.

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