Saturday, November 14, 2009


Written by Romnick B. Melliza

The value of a Christmas gift, just like the essence of the occasion, depends on its recipient. To a child, it means new toys or shoes. Brand new cellphones are enough to bring satisfaction to others. Some finds contentment in receiving money, money and lots of money. But are all these material possessions enough to cover all the pains brought about by broken families? Can all these things create a brighter tomorrow for homeless and hopeless street children? Will it save the world from the reigning terror, hatred and fear?

Many might already forget the reason why we are celebrating Christmas. It is not on a mere tradition of gift-giving that Christmas exists. We have to value it more than the elegant dresses and shoes that we wear. Because the root of the occasion is priceless, the best Christmas gift that one can offer is also priceless. And what is the gift that matters most? Love; because from it comes sharing, understanding, forgiving and so much more characteristics of the One that started it all – Jesus.

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