Sunday, November 8, 2009

Let us be critical!

Written by Mark Joseph N. Rafal

What are we expect in this upcoming election?

The upcoming 2010 election is, probably, the most interesting and must-see election in the history of Philippine Election. Villar, Erap, Noynoy, Bayani, Gibo,Chiz. The Presidential aspirants are rampant on the Philippine Media, their faces are everywhere and they are ready enough to face the battle. I'm confuse right now, stuck on the question of who will I vote for. Villar is very rich, wealthiest senator so far. Erap, let's not talk about him. Noynoy, I like him and the late President Cory but not Kris. Bayani, he's a strict disciplinarian and it might be a totalitarian government if he wins. Gibo, intelligent and a good leader I think, but he's in the administration and I hate the current administration. (I don't want another Gloria in Malakanyang) And Chiz, a good speaker and has a brave principle but I wonder what are his other plan if he wins. I must see their "plataporma" first, and watch out their actions. If they satisfy what i want for a President, they must pass my qualifications and the qualifications of every Filipino.

We Filipinos are tired of traditional politicians, tired of political drama and tired of being cheated and oppressed. I need a real change just like any Filipino. A change that will bring us Filipinos to a better future. I must be critical and analytic in my decision. My vote counts and I will not impulsively give it. Being a wise-voter is being critical.

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