Sunday, November 8, 2009

Long Lasting Effect: Hearts of Christmas

Written by Maria Christina Cerio

As the time goes by and the old world becomes modern, people may have varieties of principle about the conceptual effect of gift giving especially for the people that are considered "part of their everyday life" or simply important. In actuality, i am not that particular in gift giving, because as a part of a middle class family who gave importance much on the presence of one another, we value most the spiritual enrichment especially when christmas comes. But on my own experience, for me the best gift that one may receive or give, it is the long lasting Love and Trust behind the numerous problems of an individual and difficulties that the world brings or rather the other people brought to the world. Material things are easily diminished and to the possible shortest time, we may not remember it anymore. it is so touching when one gave her or his deep trust to a person eventhough they are not having a intimate relationship with one another. We may not see it's effect that fast but come to think of it that no person in this world that lives unlove and without Trust.

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