Monday, November 9, 2009

lost and found

Written by Leah Loberiano

Christmas is the most special holiday being celebrated by Filipinos. It's an occasion which always has a touch of love. Since my father got lost I have never thought that Christmas is really a wonderful event and when I mentioned "lost" I meant it literally, because one day after my father was fetch by a couple of people having guns he never came back. Anyway why am I telling something about my father when I'm suppose to write about is what do I think is the best gift for Christmas?
Well. Honestly it's because I want to give the readers the idea that I don't know how to celebrate Christmas and how can I think of a gift for somebody for this kind of occasion if I don't know how to celebrate it? (What kind of writer am I? I'm already giving out directly what's on my mind!)
So what's the best gift???
I believe that the best gift for somebody is letting him or her have the spirit of Christmas?? Well, how can I box an abstract thing like that??? I cannot go to a store and ask them to wrap it up?
It's the best gift for everybody and most specially for me.. But, how can I box it and give it. That's not my problem anymore! The only question is what is the best gift is and I think. I know it, but I don't know if I can find it.

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