Sunday, November 8, 2009

"Making it count"

Written by Jerick Francisco

After all that happened in the Philippines this past few years: the controversies involving the current administration, global financial crisis resulting to unemployment, and now we have typhoons caused by climate change and lack of preparedness from the concerned government agencies...

Its hard to admit, but the Philippines is left in a huge hole. Like a credit card that's way beyond its credit limit. That's why I think next year's election would be a critical start of the recovery process. I'd like to say that since it involves 'money matters' I'm already considering to vote Manny Villar. Everybody knows his story, a man who grew up in the squatters area, that because of hard work and natural born management skills became the billionaire senator that we know today.

But honestly, I'm not sure with it yet because a month ago Noy Noy Aquino was on top of my list, it just changed after our country was hit by typhoons "Ondoy" and "Pepeng". Before these tragedies what we need is just someone who can unite us and worthy of our trust but I think all of that changed because these uncertainties, that now what we have to prioritize is to get out of the financial slump that we are in. And I think he'll be able to help us with that.

Though I haven't really yet all I know as of this moment is that..., I already have a top three list, and they are: 1) Manny Villar, 2) Noy Noy Aquino, and 3) Gilbert Teodoro..

I still have a luxury of almost seven months to finalized my decision, and since I can only vote once I want to make it count so I will take all the time I have to make sure that it would happen. I just hope that all the voters in 2010 will do that.. Make it count! Please.... :)

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