Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Our Future

Written by Melyndee Joi G. Peligrino

It is in my hand. This I know for sure. Choosing to which of these people will I entrust my future, our future is a difficult challenge that we must face. Every little thing must be take into consideration. Is it the fame they have in their hands? The education they have. The family that made them the person they are right now. Or their faith. In this coming election I am taking a big leap that somehow will contribute in changing our fate. I hold the freedom to choose to whom I am giving my trust and I will entrust it to Mr. Noynoy Aquino. I know he has the fame,the proper education and faith, but most of all what I like the most about him is the light he has that his mom and dad gave him. And I know that light will guide him to take us to that bright future we hope for. That will give us strength to face that future, where all the needs are to be answered. Eucation. Health. Safety. Protection. All our cries will be heard by Noynoy. I believe that he is like his father. A firm hand and a heart that never questions his own decisions in life. He is like his mother. A loving and always a helping hand. Carefree. I am full hope for my future. For our future. For the future of the coming generation. I'll never lose hope. I hold on to that light.

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