Sunday, November 22, 2009


Written by Hazel Pamela Del Bando

The holidays are fast-approaching, come December people will fill-up the malls and streets cramming to buy holiday presents. What is the best Christmas gift anyway?

For years we stick to the usual gift-giving during the holidays. Presents come in different sizes, shapes, colors even ribbons and wraps. I have my own fairshare of receiving the "classic gifts" from picture frames, towels, towelletes (remember those embroidered with your name?), soaps, handkerchiefs and who would forget "Fruit Cakes"? But nevertheless we cannot just throw them away or worst resend it as a gift next season. Still the essence of gift-giving is there...whatever the form is.

But haven't we forgotten the real essence of Christmas? More then the gifts we feel obligated to give and those we feel we ought to receive, more than the fireworks, the best-tasting food, the parties and the celebrations.

Family, that is the best gift we receive on Christmas. It is the perfect time to spend with your loved-ones and together be reminded of the baby on the manger who was born on that day destined to be our Saviour. He too upon birth was with his family, the Little Baby Jesus with his parents Mary and Joseph.

Amidst all the material gifts we receive nothing could compare to having a family to spend with on the holidays. So this holiday season find time to spend it with them, laugh, cry, enjoy, and feel the real spirit of Christmas. The little baby on the manger will be laughing with you.

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