Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Trust Noynoy: This is it!

Written by Wennybee R. Evangelista

First of all, you must be wise to vote for this coming election.One vote is very important for me because of that vote you have a right to choose whose the right person to be the great leader of our country. The one who can solve the major problems of our country such as poverty, crimes and especially graft and corruption. Because of that problems, the Philippines was experiencing hunger due to lack of jobs and being irresponsible of our government.Today, the right government to be need of the Philippines are responsible, goal and result oriented, productive, honest, and have a great leadership to manage this country in a better way. I think Noynoy is our Savior to solve this big problem that we encountered right now. He has a potential to be our Great Superhero to overcome this struggles and obstacles that we experiencing now a days and to overcome our nightmares that were very bad for Filipinos. I trust him very much because he's the one to give the changes we wanted. This is It! I know that next year the Philippines will belong to the First Class Country and not categorized into very poor class. So, for the Filipinos who believe with the leadership of Noynoy, please cheer up and trust our vote for him. We do our best and responsibilities as an individual for the sake of every each of us. I pray that this coming election must be peaceful and clean, no cheating. Mabuhay Noynoy! I will salute for the changes of the Philippines.

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