Tuesday, November 17, 2009

WANTED: Celebrity

essay : The most dominant among the society is the youth. They are the mainstream that domains the economy. Their likes and needs are definitely the supply that most of merchants want to supply in the market. The youths drive to attain what they want is definitely what makes the market go round.
In the entertainment business, the ones that are being patronized by the youths are the one who mostly attain fame and success, what they say: "in demand". Most of the celebrities who attain success such as Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan or Miley Cyrus. These Celebrities are the ones being admired by those who are in the youth circle, from those who are in puberty until up to early adolescence. In puberty, a person is in need of an icon on which he or she can be someday. They tend to find a person that they dream their self to be, a person who has the characteristics that they think is perfect and will be admired and liked by others. They may like somebody who is beautiful and famous, because the humans specially the youths have a need for transcendence and belongingness. The need for transcendence or a sense of being above of others, this is the drive for fame, and this fame are basically achieve by celebrities, in this manner the youths adore them in such way that some wanted to be like them. Another reason for fame of these celebrities is the human's needs for belongingness. Belongingness in the sense that they conform with others. Since the youths basically live a life that are surrounded by peers, if one of their friends like someone, they often talk about it to open up a topic, the other will be amused with the topic and soon search something about it, ending up eventually also admiring it. In those manners celebrities become"Celebrities", it's because of the youths nature to share ideas and their idea soon will be the same idea as the other. Fame came to those who tickles the youths.
Since celebrities are the youth's model there are also celebrities who have good characteristics to be admired. Since the celebrities become public figures they must be cautious with their action and always remember that there are young eyes watching them.
One of the celebrities I admire and I think is one good role model is Angelina Jolie. She is as we known is a kind hearted person. One of those who have the heart for orphans adopting some of them. She just not stand at the edge of fame and fortune, she also stands as a good role model for youths. She walks the carpet of fame but also knows how to walk in the realm of the poor and needy.This character makes her not just admirable in the mere eyes but also be beyond the boundaries of physical idea of beauty.
Celebrities become celebrities with a bunch of reasons but the most important is that they stand as admirable as their physical appearance. Their beauty must be beyond the eyes, it must be with the heart.

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