Wednesday, November 4, 2009

who's the right one???

Written by Marion Jan N. Marcelo

who will you vote for the 2010 election as president??Who am I gonna vote for president for the upcoming election??? Who is the right person to vote for?? If you'll gonna ask me about it i'd say i don't know yet. Well, for me it is hard to choose but , I think we should see first the capabilities of each and every candidate who's going to run as president and what are their plans.lets weigh the pros and cons in every candidates then after seeing what they can do lets think why do they want to run as president, if you'll think about it the salary of a president is not that big but the power of being the president is the big one and observe if they are really sincere in what they are telling us. God gave us a free will - the right to choose.Choosing the best person is already hard to do but choosing the right one is pretty much harder. So who are we gonna vote for?? Honestly i really don't know yet..We all don't know who is the right person to become president. The only thing that i knew who ever wins the battle he/she should be the right one. Lets put it on our minds that in every decision we make it has its own consequences. Right choices brings us good results. Lets be wise in our votes so our country can grow and improved the deprived lives of our nation.

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