Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Why "Noynoy" is the right president for our country

Written by Princesss Kimberly T. Guarino

Many people said that the Philippines is one of a kind. We are but a small country that has plenty of controversy. In the new millennium, where else have you heard a country that was at war with their own kind. We Filipinos had shown our unity in the past decades. We made a mark in the world history by destroying our previous dictator, former President Marcos. We are famous for our hospitality and rich culture as well as our corrupt government. Scandals and violation of law was seen and heard but still there is no change in our system. What is the real reson behind this? Is Gloria Arroy even our legitimate president?

In my opinion, NO, PGMA is not our legitimate president. It was proven and admitted the PGMA cheated on the previous election. She should have been impeached, but since there can't be any continuation for her impeachment, then she remains our president. According to our law, no public officer shall be filed with an impeachment case for more than once in a year. Meaning is an impeachment case has been filed, an additional impeachment case ca no longer be filed against you for that year. Therefor, you opponent have to wait for another year before he or she can file his or her case. And by that time I'm sure your opponent had already sent you plenty of death threats. PGMA had worsen or situation especially our economic status. The peso rate from Erap regime was php 35.00, now PGMA rate is php 50.00. I even remembered that it hit 60 in her last term. I must say that even though we suffered in Marcos regime, atleast we are economically stable and we have progress unlike our present situation.

I'm not saying that Noynoy will lift our economic status nor he can drop the value of dollar and give stable job to the Filipino. But the fact that the Aquino family can unite the Filipinos is enough to ensure that he will be getting the trust and support of the Filipinos, that atleast we Filipino agrees to one aspect. And that is Noynoy.

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