Wednesday, December 9, 2009


essay : I enjoyed watching them in flicks. Staring at how lovely they look and how they do their make up just makes me think how do they do it. I am not young and I'm not that old I guess and it makes me wonder why do my niece sing their famous song out loud, mimicking their high notes and the wave of their hands. How she loves posting their pictures in the wall of her room. I wonder what powerful magic they have. I thought maybe its the dream of becoming that person. Is it the Id or the ego that makes us like that. But for me, it is just fame...just glam..for now. Miley Cyrus is a plain human after all, just like Britney Spears who has her ups and of course her downs, who will forget. They feel the same way us we do. They feel angry, they cry, they laugh. It made me think how they feel after a show. When they failed do they get depress and still has to smile for a photo shoot? My niece asked me do these actresses burps as loud as her? And I just smile and ask her, what do you think? You may be a sparkling gem today and after years that glitz will fade, I tell her. It does not matter if you are famous what matter is who you are. And she just nod.

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