Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Next Calling

Written by Jovelyn Javier

I think the best Christmas gift for me is that I could finally start on my masteral studies here or abroad and that someone with a good heart could give me a scholarship. It's been more than two years since I graduated in college. I miss going to school and it just feels different when I'm studying than when I'm working. Actually, if I could stay in school forever I would. I initially wanted to apply for my masteral studies this year but I wasn't able to put more time on it.

I didn't seem satisfied with what I've acquired after college. There seems to be some things lacking. I've always wanted to write, but then after college and two jobs; I still think I don't have the right skills. We never had any specialization when I was in college. All we know are some bits and pieces about lots of things. Like some knowledge about broadcasting, journalism, advertising, marketing, public relations etcetera.

That is why I've always wanted to continue my studies to a higher level. I wanted to know more about what I'm interested in. I want to make myself ready for more things that are to come for me. I mentioned scholarship because if I'd be given the chance to study abroad, I'll definitely take it. It's just different when you have a degree in an international school. And schools abroad have always been trusted with good reputation. The things I'll get to discover in a foreign school will definitely raise my skills and confidence to face things in a more positive note.

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