Sunday, December 6, 2009


Written by Arnold

Filipinos celebrate the longest Christmas season in the world. The festive air starts in September and lasts till January. The triumvirate of Mary, Joseph and Jesus, the season's main personalities, provides a good depiction of a family. Philippine culture being familial in nature relates well to the image presented by the Holy Family that's why I think that the best Christmas gift one could have is a family. A family may mean so many different things to different people now that its traditional definition is strongly challenged. No longer is it apt to say that a family should only be composed of a father, mother, and their children. Change is commonplace and family is no longer defined along blood relationships, but more significantly by emotional and spiritual components it seeks to fulfill. What remains important is the sense of belongingness a family, no matter how it is defined, fosters in all of us. The warmth of home in the most joyous time of the year instills not only the values of love and sharing, but most especially it gives credit to the essence of a family as portrayed by Mary and Joseph's flight from Egypt. They were together in that very long journey which reminds us that the strength of a family lies in its togetherness. So, apart from the materialism we associate Christmas with, let us be reminded that the best gift is always the warmth and belongingness that only the family of our own definition provides.

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