Sunday, December 6, 2009

Smiles that cannot hide

Written by Farah Sevilla

Remote control toys and dolls for toddlers, a bag and a pair of new shoes kits for big sister, brand new car for bid brother and for dad—these are just some of the best gifts we can ask for. There are a lot of things I would want but I would want something less materialistic for this season. Material things can be easily acquired and asked for in any other occasion. Though Christmas is a time of giving, it is much more a time of love, joy, and peace. All these intangible gifts cannot compare to any expensive material things that are wrapped in shiny gift wrappers stuffed with ribbons. The best gift for me is to be with my family and friends, resolving all troubles we may have and having time to spend together to keep up from the times that we did not get the chance to enjoy during the whole year. What matters most is that I feel in my heart the peace and contentment I need to face the coming year, fearless and proud. This Christmas, I pray for God's love and presence in all families as I imagine myself sitting somewhere with a happy heart and perfect smiles that I cannot hide.

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