Monday, January 11, 2010

The Best Christmas Gift? A Two-Way Traffic...

Written by Maria Mercado

When we think of what gifts to give, we think of our reason for giving. We want to make people feel special. The person's character as well as our relationship to that person determines our choices. Simple gifts may go for simple people. If the person is an environmentalist, we look for environment-friendly items encased in environment-friendly wrappers. We take into consideration the appreciative nature of the recipient. The nature of personal and handmade items adds an intimate touch that would make price come unnoticed.

Presentation is also a key in gift giving. One time, I got a gift placed inside a cardboard bag but tied in a bow with a fiery red ribbon. It looks so simple yet so elegant. Another gift was wrapped seven times and the excitement of unwrapping made it special. A gift that is presented personally also provides a more special touch.

We think of the best gift. Letting people know they are remembered by showing your emotions face-to-face is a lot better. Presence will always be more superior to presents. And that is one of the reasons why we have holiday breaks during Christmas. It is giving us the opportunity to plan and be there for our family and friends. The vacation day is a give-away. Yes, it may be a give-away time to shop but it is more of a give-away time to spend it with special people and letting them know personally that amidst the various two-way traffic of giving and receiving, there is also that two-way traffic of presents and presence.

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