Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Best Christmas Gift

Written by Merry Rose Basco

"People making gifts, buying special gifts… give love on Christmas day", a song from Jackson 5 in one of their Christmas songs. I always believe on the saying, 'It's the thought that counts', when it comes in giving gifts. And I believe the song is worth listening, because it speaks of a perfect example of a best Christmas gift. Who wouldn't want expensive gifts like, jewelry, cars, designers' bags and clothes and other gifts that cost thousands of pesos? But, the question is, does it come from the heart? Or was it just given to impress other people?
Gifts always symbolize what we really feel towards a special someone, family or friends. And for me, the best Christmas gift is a gift that comes from the heart and has sense on it. One example that I can say is a Personalize Card. A Card goes on different occasion and last a lifetime, depending on how a person will keep it.
It's very easy to make a Personalize card; it's like making a scrap book. You can buy the materials you needed for your card, or if your on a tight budget, ransack your whole house and you might find something that can be use for your card. Making a personalize card is very fun, environment friendly- reuse and recycle, and very cheap. It will also bring out the artist in you for being creative and poetic- if you're really that confident in your talent, and you can even put a song that speaks of your true feelings. But you can also make a very simple card; just put a message that will surely touch the heart of a special someone, family or friends. It's more direct and personal compare to any kinds of gift.
Now, who would still want a very expensive and extravagant gift, if you can have a beautiful and heart warming memento from a special someone? I don't! I rather have a priceless gift like this, than a gift that I can surely buy through my own money someday

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