Monday, January 11, 2010

Best Gift This Christmas

Written by rolan magno

I think that the best Christmas gift that anyone can give is their precious time to someone close to them because the most happiest time in a person is when they are with their loved ones specially in an occasion like this because this is the time of the year that the family gets together except from other special occasion. A person will be missed by their family or loved ones on this time of the year if they are not with them at Christmas but sometimes there are some who can't celebrate this time because of their works because not all people celebrate Christmas like the people whose religions are Iglesia Ni Cristo, that's why not all celebrate this time of the year nevertheless I just don't say that they don't like to celebrate but because of their belief but I just mention them because of the fact that they just think that this is only a regular day of a year contrary to the beliefs of the Christians and Catholics that this is the time of the year that Jesus Christ was born. It is like celebrating the birthday of someone close to us because we all know that He is the savior of our sins and we celebrate His coming to the world to relieve us from our sins. So cherish this moment because our savior is born this day and don't forget to thank Him for all that He have done to us maybe you would say that believing in Him is just an simple thing but you can share this belief to your family and loved ones specially this time of the year that His coming to earth was dated long time ago. Hope you like what i have written here and share the gospel of god to everyone.

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