Monday, January 11, 2010


Written by Chesa Erika Ong

When we think about gifts, we think about material things right? A brandnew cellphone, the latest ipod, a mac computer..the list goes on but on the other side do some of us really thought that gifts are not just only materials stuffs that we think we can't live without?
I, for instance is guilty of that sin wishing i had those stuffs, but when i spent my christmas with my relatives, my perspective of gifts change. I spent my christmas in Baguio, it was my first time there and i must say that i had the cold christmas literally and figuratively. Why?
First because Baguio is a cold place with temperature that's between 18 to 20 degree Celcius. Second, is because for the first time i spent my christmas without my grandmother (she's in the US by the way) and i missed her so much that it made me wished she was there with me. I suddenly thought that we usually take for granted the people that always there for us that when they're gone that's when we realize their importance.
For me, the best gift you can ever receive and give to your loved ones is not materials things but your TIME. Your presence, your time is what is important to them, never mind the extravagant gifts, prestigious and sophisticated stuffs when you dont have someone to share it with. It's practically nothing compare to the joy it brings when you have your family around you, making the most of your time together. Who cares if you dont have a big buffet table?! The happiness it brings.. that's for me is Priceless.

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