Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What do you think is the best Christmas gift?

Written by Christian Padilla

Thinking about Christmas, ideally its about the feeling of coziness when it starts to freeze outside. Its about the aura of peace not only in oneself, but also the presumption that the world participates with you in this season where everyone smiles and expresses their hope for a better tomorrow irregardless of different religions. We ask ourselves, "What could I give to my loved ones that would make them feel Christmas is alive?" We can see on T.V screens different advertisements of Santa Clause giving gifts. But amidst this celebratory mood we also see the news that seems to push our shoulders and bring us back to reality. Two consecutive typhoons, massacres, political threats and more killings. Bills to be paid, the car that needs to be repaired, the roof that now leaks because of the continuous rains. Considering these factors we look again at Christmas. How much do I have to spend for food and drinks? How many people can I give gifts to, and what? I heard my friend joke, "Ang ibig sabihin ng pasko ay pass muna ako."

A child on the streets was interviewed by a reporter asking, "If you are to be given your favorite food this Christmas, what would it be? The poor child, oblivious to the meaning of "favorite" replied, "Kahit ano hwag lang yung panis." ("Any food will do as long as it is not spoiled.") What I am trying to say is that the best Christmas gift is relative to the receiver. I personally would go with the cliche, "As long as we all gave the sacrifice of being together this Christmas, even if we are sharing peanuts and a couple of beer on the table for dinner, we are happy." Nowadays, work calls us to lessen holidays and weekends, even birthdays are celebrated in the work place for most of the people trying to make ends meet, or also for people who doesn't really have a family that gets together in the first place. Christmas gifts are basically for people you are close to. Presence is the ultimate present for me.

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