Thursday, January 14, 2010

Words of Affection

Written by Maan Joyce D. Gamit

Every now and then, when the celebration of Jesus birthday comes, it is a usual thing that we wrapped gift for everyone closes to our life. Some are buying expensive gifts just to express the significance and importance of the person who's going to receive the gift. Others are treating their loved ones to a fine restaurant, captivating places or any beautiful sights. Everytime someone is giving me present, I just remember, my face lighten whenever I found a letter inside a card or a simple note in a tiny piece of paper.And, when I am thinking of a thing that I want someone to receive during his/her special day, it has always been a stuff wherein I clipped some note of words. I am a woman whose way of expressing affection is through words. It is the same thing I want my loved ones to share with me during Christmas, the words of affection, not an expensive gadget, a beautiful dress nor even a big amount of money. A simple gathering with a much of talking about each others life is an everlasting memory and I think, expressing our thoughts with someone close to us tighten the bond. That's the best Christmas Gift.

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