Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Me as a Gift

Written by Ryan De Guzman - sorry, i like tests

Dear Listeners,

The best gift not just for christmas is to bring yourself and have time to get along. Most people wanted to see friendly faces rather than to have a non-living company. Experts thinks that touch makes people heal of their loneliness and problem reliever. For short interacting with people is mandatory requirement.

Interpersonal skill need not be very skilled with interacting with people. Much of main discussion along are gossip, happy memories and ideals. Most of the time people talk about themselves which unfavorable to their listeners but good listeners prefer someone telling something coz that will increase their wisdom.

For myself I prefer to listen but to share only if asked, Im not a talkative type and think first before act, conversant depending on the subject. I always think thats why not very conversant.

Thank You,

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