Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tranquil Tingloy

Written by Mary Margarette Hernandez

Talking about summer destinations there will always be place me and my family never failed to visit and that is the place called TIngloy, where may father came from. Tingloy is a small island in Batangas where several dive points and beaches are located.

Our place in Tingloy, is mere picture of tranquility and simple life. During the past years, it doesn't have continuous electricity and water supply. People here are used to solar power and deep well water pump system. Fortunately this year a daily 14 hour power schedule from 10am-12am has been finally granted. Today, you can never be detached from the techie world while enjoying a scenic view of the sea and enjoying a free-polluted air.

The beach proximal to our place is blessed with a corals and rocks you can even go fishing without having to go in the deep blue especially during high tide. Also, snorkeling is ten times more exciting in our place because of the corals and other rock formations on the sea floor nearby, however you should also be ten times more, one should wear beach shoes or protective foot gears.

In front of Tatay's house is a rocky coastline. If you like running on the seashores with bare feet then this is not a good place for you, however you can enjoy collecting stones and shells on the shoreline or just have your feet soaked in water while sitting on a rock. Surely this is a recommended place to enjoy vacation.

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